Dear World,

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite fuzzy creatures on this earth. His name is Oliver. He will

Olive – Exploring

respond to “Olive” or just “O” if you say it nice enough. [He likes to know that there will be treats involved]

My little Olive likes to play with straws [leave one unattended and you are in for some trouble] and laser pointers mostly. He gobbles up attention of any kind. He will follow you from room to room and twine in between your legs if you stand in one place too long.

Olive – In The Sink

Don’t close the bathroom door too fast because he will dart in before you know it, and his tail is last to follow. He will perch on the counter and watch you brush your teeth; don’t mind him if he sits on your lap while you’re on the toilet, he really just wants some behind the ear scratches.

I love him to pieces and I hope you do too.

Look out for more pictures of my little Olive.



Meet Marmalade. 13 years old, orange, sleeps a lot.

Today I would like to introduce Marmalade. Everyone, meet Marmalade.

She is beauty ♡ She is grace ♡ She sheds all over the place

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We adopted Marm (as she is affectionately called) in June from the Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon. For Carolyn’s 21st birthday Kanoe and I went out to dinner to celebrate with Carolyn. That evening we found ourselves at WHS, because playing with kittens is a great way to celebrate. (right?)

We met many cats and a few newly spayed kittens. Marm, along with a handful of other elderly cats, was separated from the rest in a special  room for those cats that were exposed to “the kitty cold.” Meaning we had to meet everyone else before we could enter the room. The volunteers were happy to help introduce us to everyone there, giving insight on their personalities and preferences.

She was sleeping peacefully in the corner, one of her favorite past times. The volunteers said that she had been found abandoned on the street and an elderly couple had brought her to WHS. Her vibrant orange fur immediately caught our attention. I had always wanted an orange cat. Her fur was soft and she sleepily started purring as soon as she was petted on the head.

Her vibrant orange fur immediately caught my attention. (I had always wanted an orange cat) Her fur was soft and she sleepily started purring as soon as she was petted on the head.

Love at first sight.

One hour, two packets of paperwork, and a cardboard cat carrier later, we emerged from WHS with a new family member in arms. Now Marm sleeps peacefully on the couch or in her “cat cave” under my desk most days. She has spent her first 13 years of life on an adventure and I’m happy that we get to spend the next few years of our life with her.

More about the Willamette Humane Society here.